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Vfloors are a young dynamic company with over 20 year of experience in both the commercial and residential markets, we have seen and found solutions to most common flooring queries . We strive to find the best creative solutions to whatever a customer demands , we will always aim to deliver the highest quality products to meet the needs of our customers . We offer a comperehensive line of quality flooring with our unique and really easy to install gripstrip range that has provided a fast and long lasting solution to any home . We also have our huge range of interlocking tiles with sizes to make any room look and feel like you are walking on a real wood floor , we only sell products that are enginerred to perfection for sustainability . We are providers of flooring for a healthy living and work environment , we have added sound proof and waterproofing benefits to our flooring . The isocore Genesis collection is state of the art and innovative in design and installation whilst the multiwidth product offers unique size planks ready to install as a floating system. All of our flooring systems have a versatile and natural look with flooring so easy to install you can do it in a day without any down time or nasty adhesive smells and the beauty of it is that you can walk on it immediatley unlike traditional vinyls .